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  • Who are we? We are individuals who want highly curated and exclusive looks and love the excitement of a “find”. We love vintage and vintage inspired but we also love to mix it up with new and modern designs. We travel searching for our roots and learning more about the world around us. We shop the world for artisans and independent designers to bring you the best of fresh new looks. Handpicked, we showcase styles that come straight from a designer’s soul to bring a sense of connectivity, consciousness and celebration of the art.

    Who do we want to be? We want bring back a simpler time. Where an artist can create what they love and be able to make a living from it. Where a craft was perfected by hand. And where all shops were small shops. We strive to be a company with conscience in all decisions we make, large and small. Above all, we want to be a site that will delight you every time you log on.

    Begin the movement and browse around.We hope you find something beautiful to fall in love with.



    From the best and most characteristic.



    The illusion of the reality of sensory experience and the experienced qualities and attributes of oneself.

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